April 6, 2020

Children’s Favorite Outdoor Friend-Trampoline

Now with people’s living standards are getting higher and higher, China’s tourism industry is becoming more and more popular. In addition to solving basic food and clothing problems, going out and relaxing has become an essential part of the family. For families with children, parent-child travel is the first choice. Chinese families pay more attention to the cultivation of children and hope that they can live a happy life. Tourism not only opens up the horizons of children but also helps the healthy growth of mind and body.

Today let’s see the most popular parent-child outdoor friend in children’s eyes-trampoline.

01 Embedded trampoline

Fast Track Super Trampoline

Russia’s Nikola-Lenivets Park has built a viewing track called Fast Track, which allows you to walk around the park in a different way. This observation road designed and built by Salto Architects has a total length of 167 feet. The high-elastic material is laid on the concave ground. It looks like an ordinary asphalt pavement from afar. A large trampoline shuttled through the park.

This “fast track” is an integral part of the park’s infrastructure. It is a road and also a trampoline device. It challenges the concept of infrastructure, ignoring the surrounding environment and focusing only on technical and functional aspects. “Fast Track” attempts to create an intelligent and emotional infrastructure that corresponds to the local environment. It provides users with a different experience of sports and perceived environment.

Trampoline in the forest

The designer ingeniously created a rectangle in the center of the wooden board and woven it into a small trampoline with hemp rope, adding a dynamic activity area to the entire backcourt space.

Trampoline in the forest is probably a temptation that every child cannot refuse! I believe that every child who grows up here will have a good childhood.

Trampoline in Sports Park

There are more and more different styles of trampolines in the sports park. They are undoubted to become the most popular toys for the children.

Backyard trampoline

The backyard at home can fully integrate the trampoline into the corner of the landscape. The trampoline in the backyard will definitely add a lot of fun to the beautiful childhood!

Round trampoline on the big lawn

For reasons of mechanics and aesthetics, most trampolines are round. The round trampoline looks low profile on the big lawn, but it is actually very interesting!

Creative trampoline

The trampoline is not only circular, but it can also be flexibly designed according to the situation on the spot, and sometimes it is even arranged by the water-it seems more interesting to combine the trampoline with the diving. There are also trampolines that glow at night to choose from, satisfying the urge to jump at night.

02 Trampoline with Enclosure

Security 丨 Mobility 丨 Anywhere

Safer trampoline

Many people abroad will place a trampoline with an enclosure in the courtyard. This trampoline is safer and can be moved according to the actual situation. Some families also use it as an outdoor bed or sofa for rest.

Become a canvas trampoline

The trampoline is not just a dynamic toy, it can also create a beautiful new world by picking up the paintbrush. The trampoline that becomes the canvas is an activity carrier that combines dynamic and static.

03 Water trampoline

Thrilling 丨 Exciting 丨 Creative

The trampoline module in Bridge Bounce

Bridge Bounce is composed of inflatable modules, floating buoys are made of PVC film, connected together by ropes to form a stable self-supporting whole. Each module is filled with 3700 cubic meters of air, and a single module is like a trampoline on the water for people to entertain.

In addition, there is some water trampoline worthy of reference. The trampoline bridge below not only satisfies children, but also allows friends and relatives to jump together, and make fun of this bridge. For us, who can’t easily get together and make time out, how can we miss every moment when family and friends meet together.

04 Trampoline transformation

Creativity 丨 recycling 丨 utilization

Turn the trampoline over

Turn it over! Cut off the enclosure so that you can easily enter. Connect the blue-green, waterproof, fabric shower curtain with the white rope, and string a set of small spherical lights around. It’s so handsome.

The trampoline fortress is a lovely shade during the day, and it is amazing at night! It is about to become a new outdoor movie area!

In addition, there are some other renovation projects, let’s take a look.

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