February 4, 2020

Do you know trampoline yoga?

Do you know trampoline yoga?
I believe many people know yoga, and there are more and more yoga lovers. Once you start yoga, you will be attracted by its charm. Because it can really bring you health and maintain a beautiful figure. Regardless of the time and space, you can start yoga anytime. And the biggest investment is a yoga mat.

We are all very familiar with the concept of yoga and lots of its health benefits. Over time, different styles of yoga have been developed. However, its core has remained the same. From this core, trampoline yoga was invented. What is trampoline yoga? As you might expect, when doing yoga, you can change your yoga mat to a trampoline. Users will perform the usual yoga poses and exercises while combining various stretching exercises, jumping sequences, postures, and breathing techniques, all of which are performed on a trampoline. This is what makes trampoline yoga different from other methods of yoga: the bouncing action of the trampoline increases flexibility and enhances stretch. This activity will help raise mental and physical awareness and is a very effective low-impact cardiovascular exercise method. Trampoline yoga is a fun form of yoga practice and a unique pastime.

One of the main reasons why yoga on a trampoline is so popular and effective is the bouncing action of the trampoline, which greatly enhances flexibility, and exercises provide deeper squeeze and stretch. Not only is trampoline yoga very beneficial from a mental and physical perspective, but it is also very interesting in the process.

If you are looking for a low-impact deep stretch, add a trampoline to your home gym. Yoga and Pilates on trampolines add variety to your daily fitness routine. It reduces the core role to zero through reconciliation, lengthening and strengthening exercises. A trampoline may be the ideal choice for those who are frustrated by the lack of results of current routine operations. Trampoline is an easy way to introduce aerobics into existing Pilates. Exercising bouncing power is an easy way to stay energized and get rid of daily care and worries, which also reduces stress. You can keep the same practice route, but you can see faster results. The home trampoline will not become the dominant decoration. Instead, they are folded for storage. What to look for when buying a fitness trampoline is durability, size, and safety.

What are the benefits of trampoline yoga? So let’s take a look together.

  • 1.Improve flexibility and coordination
    Yoga can increase flexibility and coordination. Trampoline yoga may even work better than traditional yoga. Perform all postures on a stretchy surface, and the person’s weight will shift and distribute naturally and evenly. Weight changes encourage your body to maintain a better posture, reducing the risk of injury.
  • 2.Improve the function of the immune system
    Bounce on a trampoline helps to circulate lymphatic fluid and clean the entire lymphatic system. The bouncing motion of the trampoline causes the valves of the lymphatic system to open and close simultaneously, increasing lymphatic flow by up to 15 times. This can effectively improve immunity, remove toxins, and help delay the aging process. It also improves the immune system by increasing the role of red bone marrow and supporting tissue repair.
  • 3.Better than other sports
    Practicing yoga on a trampoline regularly can greatly increase balance, coordination, and flexibility. Trampoline yoga can exercise the whole body without excessive pressure on the feet and legs.
    As your balance increases, you can strengthen your muscles while protecting your joints. This can help you perform better in other types of exercise. It can even help improve athletic performance. Many cardiovascular strengthening exercises are those that increase calories, such as running and jogging. Unfortunately, running or jogging on the ground can place excessive pressure on joints, feet, and legs. This can cause pronation pain and can even hurt your joints, ankles, knees, and back. Jogging or jumping on a trampoline is more effective because you can exercise longer without feeling tired or joint pressure.
    The gravity generated by jumping on a trampoline also improves the body’s tension, because not only the legs and heart are moving, the entire body is also moving.
  • 4.Excellent Low-Impact Cardiovascular Exercise
    Although weight loss is a huge benefit of trampoline yoga, it is not the only major benefit. The subtle bounce on the trampoline has a low impact to improve your heart rhythm. So trampoline yoga is a magical exercise that strengthens your heart, promotes blood circulation and maintains a healthy cardiovascular system.
    When you choose to participate in a new exercise program or exercise plan, finding a fun and enjoyable workout is essential. Any exercise you choose can obviously bring health benefits. Because if your exercise is boring and you hate it, what’s the point?
    That’s why trampoline yoga can do both. It is both beneficial and fun. So be a kid again and have fun jumping around! You do not need any experience and you do not need to prepare for class in advance. All you need is sufficient motivation and proper mood to enjoy the beneficial effects of trampoline yoga!
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