August 21, 2020

How to Carry Out Daily Maintenance of Trampoline

If you own an outdoor trampoline in your backyard, daily maintenance is very important. Just like a car, if it is not properly maintained, it can scrape faster than expected, and so is a trampoline. If your trampoline is placed outdoors without any covering or any protection, your trampoline will not last too long. In particular, the enclosure and jumping mat of the trampoline can easily break after prolonged exposure to the sun or rain and you must replace with new accessories.

In fact, maintaining trampolines is not complicated, and you do not need to buy expensive cleaning detergent. All you need to do is buy the right equipment and set some rules for trampoline use.

1. Buy a trampoline cover

If you have an outdoor trampoline, buy a trampoline cover for your trampoline. Just cover it when you don’t use it. The trampoline cover will protect your trampoline from bad weather, keep the trampoline dry, and protect the trampoline from falling leaves and bird droppings. With the right cover, you don’t have to wash or clean the trampoline every day.

2.Set up a ladder

Now large trampolines are generally equipped with a ladder. If your trampoline does not have a ladder, we recommend to install a ladder for your trampoline. This is a very good idea. First, everyone will use a ladder to climb on the trampoline, and will not crawl on the spring. In this way, you don’t need to move the spring. Second, people will climb in more easily and be safer.

3. Set up trampoline usage rules

Trampoline is an extreme sport, so playing on a trampoline is very dangerous if there are no basic rules.

1). No shoes! Shoes can damage the trampoline, especially those sports shoes with special soles. It will not only damage your trampoline but also make your trampoline dirty. It’s better to wear sports socks.

2). Do not wear jewelry, watches, glasses, or clothing with hard ornaments to avoid harm to yourself and the trampoline.

3). Limit the number of people on the trampoline! Each trampoline has a maximum bearing weight. If the weight exceeds this limit, the trampoline may be damaged, so it is necessary to specify the maximum number of people jumping on the trampoline at the same time.

4). Children with a large age or weight difference should not enter the trampoline at the same time to avoid falling and hurting children of younger age and lightweight.

4. Safety first

Although we like trampolines, safety comes first. Trampolines are great, but if you realize that danger may happen at any time, you must do everything possible to reduce accidents. In order to do this, use special equipment, such as safety nets.

1) Safety net

We recommend that every trampoline must have a safety net. If you use a low-elastic trampoline for exercise, you don’t need to use a safety net. There is a difference between the nets. Some trampolines have nets hung on the entire trampoline, while some trampoline safety nets only attached to certain parts of the trampoline. Try to find reliable quality protective nets to prevent the protective nets from being just decorations.

2) Assembly Manual

You can not assembly trampoline without instructions, so please read the instructions carefully before assembling the trampoline. If you assemble the trampoline without guidance, you may make some mistakes and make the trampoline unstable. Some instructions are difficult to read, but you can choose to watch the video instructions, which are more intuitive and easy to understand. If you still don’t understand, you can also consult the customer service staff, they can give you more professional guidance.

3) Replace damaged parts in time

If the accessories have been damaged, they must be replaced in time. For example, once the protective net or jump mat is found to be damaged, you have to immediately advise family members and friends to stop using it again to prevent potential safety hazards.

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