September 14, 2020

Let’s Move at Home

Nowadays, people have thousands of reasons not to exercise:

“After a day’s work, I’m so tired, I want to take a break”. . .

“It is too hot to have the courage to go out for a run”. . .

“The gym is too far away, it takes an hour to go back and forth”. . .

“I’ll finish watching this TV show before exercising”. . .

As a result, the body is getting fatter and fatter, and the physique is getting worse and worse. Then you think of squeezing out some exercise time for yourself. Time is really precious. Is there a simpler indoor exercise? The answer is of course!

What simple indoor sports do you know?

Today I will introduce several efficient and simple indoor exercises. It’s easy to get started and you don’t need to spend money. If you insist on a few months, the effect will be equivalent to you spending thousands of money in the gym.

1. Yoga

Here I recommended yoga at first. Yoga is the most suitable exercise for women. It is the best exercise to improve the balance and flexibility of the body. Constantly unlocking new actions is also very fulfilling! If you practice at home, you must pay attention to the intensity to prevent strain. You can follow the lessons or videos of some well-known coaches to practice. If you want advanced practice and perform some difficult movements, you must find a regular teacher for guidance, because wrong yoga movements are not only useless, but also easy to cause harm.

2. HIIT movement

Now the more popular HIIT exercise is high-intensity low-interval exercise. If you are a man and want to do some exciting sweating exercises, then try HIIT exercises. You can follow the teacher step by step, maybe you will become a muscular man in a few months. This kind of exercise is a combination of multiple actions, which is much more interesting than simple running, and the effect is several times stronger than running.

3. Trampoline + Aerobics

We also recommend home fitness trampoline. Fitness trampoline has become one of the most popular family fitness exercises nowadays. Coupled with aerobics movements and music, it is also an enjoyable exercise! There is no good or bad fitness exercise, but fitness needs persistence. Interesting sports can make people persist! Therefore, when you feel that other sports are too boring, come and try the fitness trampolines!

4. Hula hoop

Some people can’t spin hula hoop, but now there is a super simple hula hoop that anyone can control, and the weight loss effect is very good. If you want to tight your belly, I recommend this hula hoop. And you can watch your TV show or listen to music while exercising. You could get active anytime, anywhere.

5. Dancing

Dance is also a kind of rhythmic movement, and it will not be boring to learn. If you have not touched dance before, there are many entry-level dances to learn. There are now a lot of free dance learning videos. Learning half an hour of dancing every day can not only achieve the purpose of physical exercise, but you can also make a show at the company party. It’s really a good choice!

Of course, there are more other indoor sports that are suitable, such as cycling, skipping, kicking shuttlecock, playing badminton, table tennis, swimming, etc. But these sports need certain venue,  you can choose your favorite sports if you have the conditions. In the era of national fitness, please give yourself one hour of exercise time every day! A healthy body can enjoy the beauty of life!

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