10-ft fitness trampoline

10-ft fitness trampoline is one of the hottest sale trampolines which is a great choice for children to make a fun outdoor.

10-ft fitness trampoline with a security net

The 10-ft fitness trampoline with a security net is a great choice for younger children, which uses a high-quality UV-resistant pad to provide a smooth and soft bounce.
Dual backup safety enclosure design with an easy-to-access system. And it is with zipper offers the safest environment for children. The trampolining offers the best game and exercise place for the kids so that they could get off the computer or TV.  The 10 ft round trampoline allows 6 kids to jump and play games. And the mother could do trampoline yoga on the trampoline 10ft with a wonderful experience.

Enhanced T-joint galvanized frame with integrated UV-resistant safety enclosure.
Meets ASTM Impact Performance Test standards. Single-user weight rating of 100kgs. Real-world testing to a combined weight of 200kgs.

A 10-foot trampoline with a safety net will surely make your garden full of bouncing fun! Children can experience an outdoor game like never before on their own trampoline.

The 10-ft trampoline with a safety net is for fun and safety. The protective net wraps around the jump mat instead of the outer frame. Then the children can bounce safely without touching the bars and springs. Moreover, the outer periphery of the trampoline is provided with a 15 mm thick pad. Therefore, covering the spring with a durable pad could prevent accidents and injuries.
The 10-ft trampoline with safety net has 3 wide legs for maximum stability, keeping your frame stable no matter how energetic your child is. The trampoline spring is he galvanized steel with higher strength and durability. And it also coats with zinc to prevent rust and maintain maximum flexibility, so children can jump longer.

The maximum user weighs up to 100 kg and you can use the 10-foot trampoline with a safety net to bounce more!