Rectangle trampoline with enclosure

The rectangle trampolines with enclosure are safe and innovative and provide a lot of happy time for your family, especially your children.

Rectangle trampoline with enclosure

The rectangle trampoline with enclosure is safe and innovative and provides a lot of happy time for your family, especially your children.

It consists of anti-rust galvanized steel pipes, which ensure safe use and last longer than ordinary trampolines. And the trampolining can be easily assembled following the provided specific assembly manuals, and all hardware is numbered and listed for reference. Moreover,  the perfectly soldered T-sockets ensure the closed frame of the trampoline frame prevents structural distortion. And also the U-shaped leg base provides users with greater jumping stability trampoline. In addition, the jumping pad and springs are perfectly on the top rail, which greatly fixes the jump pad. Foam-filled rod provides additional protection and effectively avoids injuries. Therefore, it’s easy to access to the trampoline with zippers and buckles. This is ideal for your home entertainment.

This Rectangle Trampoline with Enclosure will provide your family with an entirely new and exciting jumping experience. By design, rectangle trampolines provide an added bounce and give the jumper more control of their jumping routine due to the springs working independently.

Our rectangle trampoline frames could last many years and go through a thorough double hot-dipped galvanizing process which completely protects the frame from rust or corrosion inside and out. Without quality galvanizing, rust and corrosion will happen and create weakly spots and ultimately cause a breakage or failure.

Different sizes for choice:

6ft x 9ft, 8ft x 12ft, 9ft x 14ft,10ft x 17ft

Frame tube

All the frame tubes are steel, which provides a very strong and sturdy base for the jumping mat. And springs give the users a more responsive bounce.

Jumping mat

Jumping mat is imported from the USA, UV resistant trampoline mat, which is more durable and comfortable.

T-Socket construction
The trampoline frame has a reinforced T-socket construction at each leg and shell connection, which improves the stability of the frame and prevents structural distortion.

The T-socket is rust-proof steel to extend the life of the trampoline. In addition, they make assembly and disassembly of the trampoline easier.

Thick UV-Protected Spring Pad

The pad covering the trampoline springs and the frame is thick UV-resistant PVC material, providing a safe and comfortable pad as children climb on and off of the trampoline. The springs of the trampoline locate on the outside of the enclosure net for added safety.