8-ft trampoline with enclosure

The 8-ft trampoline with enclosure offers kids a better place, brings more safety space and fun for the whole family. It could be used indoor or outdoor.

 8-ft trampoline with enclosure

The 8-ft trampoline with an enclosure designed for both large and small home yards space.

This 8 ft rebound trampoline could provide an interesting and safe jumping place for the whole family.  The bounce trampoline can accommodate 5 kids at the same time for trampolining exercise. Moreover, the durable round trampoline frame tube is with weather-resistant and rust-proof galvanized steel material for extra protection. Best quality accessories allow a safe environment for the kids’ workout. They could also play games on the trampoline.

This 8-foot trampoline includes T-type socket reinforcements to enhance and increase frame stability. In addition, this blue trampoline offers year-round outdoor excitement, even for younger jumpers.

Furthermore, the enclosure mesh has double zips and latches clips to keep the child safely inside.  The total height is 2.4 meters, which could give the best protection to the kids. The combination of an extra-thick spring pad and an anti-UV jump pad makes the 8′ trampoline with safety enclosure a fun place for the whole family.

8′ Trampoline with Safety Enclosure 

  1. We did safety and durability testing for all the trampolines before selling.
  2. No-gap enclosure design eliminates hazardous pinch points and openings
  3. Warranty:  Trampoline frame 3 years, other material and accessory 1 year.
  4. Frames with reinforced T-construction at each leg and enclosure joint to increase frame stability and prevent structural twisting.
  5. T-construction material is a rust-resistant galvanized steel, which enhances the strength of the total structure.
  6. Springs are also rust-resistant galvanized steel material, which could keep using a longer time.
  7. Enclosure net is with a dual zipper and latch clip closure system.
  8. High-quality, tightly woven enclosure helps keep kids’ small fingers and toes from getting caught.
  9. Weather-resistant and rust-resistant galvanized steel frame construction.
  10. The jump mat material is woven UV-protected polypropylene, which could prevent kids from slipping the trampolines.