Round Trampolines

Round trampolines are the most popular trampolines as it has the most choices with different sizes and colors. These are common trampolines in backyards across the country. Trampolines are between 12 and 16 feet in diameter and are usually with safety nets. In addition, these trampolines are intended for children’s entertainment. Usually, people place them in the backyard. The reason is that it bounces when you jump on it because the circular spring setting always pushes you back to the center of the bounce pad, reducing the chance of injury.

Round trampolines are considered as a family and outdoor recreation trampoline, ideal for occasional jumping or slight entertainment. It is the most common type of trampoline and comes in different sizes, designs, and of course quality. They measure up to 16 feet in size and come in a wide range of prices, depending on quality.  Therefore, you could choose one suitable size for your backyard.

6ft Trampoline with Enclosure

6ft trampoline with enclosure will surely bring hours of bounce to your garden, it is an ideal trampoline for young children to increase confidence gradually.

8-ft trampoline with enclosure

The 8-ft trampoline with enclosure offers kids a better place, brings more safety space and fun for the whole family. It could be used indoor or outdoor.

10-ft fitness trampoline

10-ft fitness trampoline is one of the hottest sale trampolines which is a great choice for children to make a fun outdoor.

12-ft outdoor jumping trampoline

Children will enjoy endless fun on this 12-ft jumping trampoline - they can even enhance coordination and do some exercise.

14-ft outdoor trampoline

14 ft round trampoline with enclosure offers a very big space for the kids or adults to play or workout.

15-ft fitness trampoline with netting

A 15-ft trampoline with enclosure is one of the safest and bounciest trampolines on the market, which could offer a bigger space for jumping and fun.

16-ft trampoline with enclosure

16-ft trampoline with enclosure is the biggest single trampoline style on the market currently, which offers great space for kids and adults. 

Fitness Gymnastic Mini Trampoline

Fitness Indoor Gymnastic Mini trampoline is popular to use indoors and on the ground, and is suitable for both entertainment and exercise.