May 5, 2020

The Benefits of The Trampolines, Do you know?

Trampoline is a competitive sport. The athletes perform acrobatic skills by bouncing off a trampoline, and it is a type of gymnastics sport known as “Aerial Ballet”.

  The aerobic trampoline has become a new type of fitness program in the past two years, which mainly uses the fitness trampoline environment of the whole terrain so that participants can experience the fun of jumping. And it gives full play to the body’s multiple coordination ability, in the limited space to fully release physical and mental stress.

Let’s see the benefits of the trampolines.

1.Lose fat

Trampoline is an aerobic exercise. Long-term trampoline exercise can achieve a good fat loss effect.


Trampoline actions are simple and uncomplicated, you can learn them at a glance. The intensity of the exercise, gradual and continuous jumping for 10 minutes is equivalent to the calories burned by jogging for half an hour.

3.Disease prevention

 Trampoline exercise can improve metabolism and blood circulation throughout the body, and consistent exercise can improve the body’s immunity, therefore it reduces the incidence of disease.

4.Enhancing cardiopulmonary function

 Aerobic exercise can effectively exercise the body’s cardiopulmonary function, while the intensity of jumping on the trampoline can better stimulate our body, thus achieving the effect of exercising the cardiopulmonary.

5.Improves muscle strength and explosive power

The intensity of highs and lows on the trampoline can effectively improve the endurance and explosive power of human muscles.

6.Exercises coordination sensitivity

The trampoline lessons are accompanied by music throughout, with bright, upbeat music that will improve hand-eye coordination and enhance body sensitivity.

7.Improve the core.

The human body instinctively tightens the core when the body is subjected to danger signals to keep the body stable. Trampoline is precisely using the instability of the bed to stimulate and exercise the body’s stability. And it is a  course of standing for a slim waist and abdomen.

8.Zero joint damage

The jumping action on the trampoline reduces the impact on the joints relative to the bouncing on the hard ground. It can be described as a low impact with zero damage.

9.Entertain Body and Heart

  Everyone has dreams of flying, and trampolines can take you back to the joyous bouncing days of your childhood and reduce modern people’s dependence on mobile computers!

10.Wide range of groups

Trampolines can meet the entertainment, social, and fitness needs of people of all ages with the benefits of the trampolines, meanwhile, it can also meet the needs of company-organized fun activities, team building, and so on.

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