December 8, 2019

The History of the Trampoline

The History of  the Trampoline

Do you know the history of the trampoline? According to historical records, trampolines originated in medieval France. Initially, French acrobat Du Tanbolin made various jumps in the safety net hanging in the air to perform. Then the trampoline began with this.

In 1930, the trampoline was introduced to the United States by the American George•Nissan who started from the recreational value and sports characteristics of the trampoline, studied and improved the trampoline to make it safer and easier to bounce. Afterward, George•Nissan opened his own trampoline company and mass-produced the restructured trampoline. This new type of trampoline was first used by the United States Air Force as military training equipment.
Later, the space research institutions use the trampolines to train pilots and astronauts. Following the medical unit used the trampolines for the treatment and rehabilitation of the disabled.
Soon, the trampoline is very popular with teenagers because of its unique fun and fitness characteristics.

Over time, the performance and structure of the trampoline had improved a lot. Modern trampolines can bounce athletes up to 10 meters, and allow them to perform a continuous triple somersault in space.

Soon the trampoline began to shine as an international sports event.

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