March 26, 2020

OMG, Trampolining is more Tired than Bundy, Let’s Sweating!

Do you gain weight this winter? Due to the epidemic COVID-19 situation, the annual Spring Festival holiday is exceptionally long. Except for studying food at home, you are holding snacks and watching TV, right? It also gives you an excuse for not exercising: Our country asks us no gather together, no going out, how to get out running or go to the gym?

As the epidemic dissipates and slowly life recover to normal and then look at your big belly, do you still have an excuse for staying at home? However, exercise is nothing more than running, yoga or gym. Countless failures tell me: if I persist for two days, I will be instantly returned to the original status.

Is there any exercise that is fun and not boring, but can also lose weight Maximum? In fact, stars have already brought you info for a long time!

Rock Climbing

“Mission: Impossible – Fallout” This time, Tom Cruise was trying his best to reach the limit. Not only did he try the extremely dangerous HALO skydiving, but he also ran to learn helicopter driving, and completed the dangerous action: the steep drop of the spiral, even the professional pilots dare not try. Tom Cruise also fractured his foot, which interrupted the shooting. However, all the wait is worth it.

In the final duel, Tom Cruise and Henry Cavill, who played the villain, staged a cliff duel. Climbing and fighting make the audience in front of the screen really burst out the hormones.

In fact, this is not the first screen climbing show of Tom Cruise. As early as in “Mission Impossible 2” in 2000, he disregarded to persuade and complete all the climbing scenes himself, and he did not need to substitute. Even director Wu Yusen stepped forward to stop him for security reasons, and no insurance company was willing to insure him, but Tom Cruise still walked his own way, only to have the most classic scene on the screen.

Because of filming, Tom also fell in love with rock climbing as one of his daily sports. Rock climbing is very suitable for weight loss. It can consume 660 calories per hour. Three minutes of exercise is equivalent to walking 1,000 steps, which can be said to be fat burning. Everyone has always thought that rock climbing requires extremely high strength. In fact, the entry routes of many indoor climbing places are really suitable for young and old, so you can get started quickly. In addition to strength, it also enhances the flexibility and coordination of the body.


When it comes to the trampoline, many people may immediately activate childhood memories. Congratulations, this idea is very OUT. Today, it has long been the hottest sport. For example, the newly retired Victoria’s Secret Angel AA has shared her daily routine with her on her ins account.

When singer Nicole Stringer shared the trampoline training on Twitter, he said that the trampoline was full of lives and energy.

Don’t think that the trampoline is just a hurry for jumping. Now, many gyms have special courses for trampolines. The original Transformers girl Megan Fox was very professional. Before that, there were dog packs took pictures of her taking part in outdoor trampoline classes.

Data show that continuous jumping on a trampoline for 10 minutes is equivalent to the calories burned by jogging for half an hour. Professional courses will combine trampolines with aerobics, and the calorie-burning surprise will double. In addition, many cities today have a trampoline park. You can get together with your girlfriends, and you can still lose weight while smirking, perfect!


If you have been paying attention to Hollywood star street shooting, you will definitely find that bicycles are really the most commonly seen props. On the one hand, it can be a tool for styling while retro wear and riding beautiful pictures make many fans lick the screen.

However, more stars consider cycling as important as running. The daily routine of supermodel actor Hannah Davis is sweating on a bicycle.

The number of calories burned by a bicycle is still bright. On average, if you ride 9 kilometers in an hour, you can consume about 245 calories. There are many points need to note for professional cycling. If the movement is not standard, it may cause injury to knees and other parts. Therefore, just take a bike as alternative transportation. Or invite friends to ride in country parks on weekends and have a healthy holiday.


Fighting sounds a bit brutal. Although many gyms have special courses, many people think that it is not matching their fairy-like appearance. The truth is, it’s the hottest sport in Hollywood today.

When it comes to practicing boxing, Bella is really not posing, you can always see pictures of her boxing practice flowing out.

Gigi is also a master of boxing for many years. It is not only for fitness but also can protect yourself. After a certain year of fashion week, just after the Max Mara show, she encountered groping. Gigi then broke free without any help at all.

 If your fat buildup is awful, boxing is perfect for you. Due to the strong instantaneous explosive power, large limb extension, and a greater amount of exercise than traditional aerobics, the caloric consumption of nearly 600 calories per hour is twice that of aerobics. By the way, if the working pressure is too high, it is also a good relaxation exercise.

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