May 27, 2020

The World’s Longest Trampoline “Runway” Make its Debut in Russia

According to reports, the world’s longest trampoline was unveiled at the 2012 Russian Landscape Design International Art Festival. This trampoline was designed by the Russian Salto Architects and Design Office. It is 170 feet long (about 51.8 meters), which is equivalent to the length of 13 double-decker buses. It is one of the many creative exhibits of the 2012 art festival.

Although this huge trampoline looks like a gravel path, it is actually a bouncing track made of reinforced rubber. The designer placed it in the forest and named it “ Fast track“. Since its completion, this trampoline has become the star exhibit of this exhibition, and many visitors have to jump on the trampoline “runway” in person.

The International Festival of Landscape Design held annually in the Nikolai Leniwicz Forest in southern Russia is also known as the “Creativity Lab”. Although the event has carried out a lot of experimental creation in many different art fields, its creation scope is still mainly in the field of architecture.

The exhibition site of this festival was selected in Forest Park, which also provided architects with a rare opportunity to allow them to create freely like artists. At the same time, the forest park also provides artists with a larger space than the city.

During the exhibition, this trampoline track not only provided entertainment for people, but also played a role in transportation. Visitors can jump on the flexible trampoline to go forward.

It is reported that the Russian Landscape Design International Art Festival attracts many designers from all over the world every year, bringing together a large number of creative design works. Although art has no real value, it is intended to convey a message to the world: in this field, the role of art in promoting peace is irreplaceable.

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