December 9, 2019

6 Things that You have to Know before doing Exercise on the Jumping Trampoline

6 things that you have to know before doing exercise on the Jumping trampoline
Let’s review the points
  1. The first thing that you have to know before jumping on the trampoline is that Kids who are under the age of 6 have to be companied by their parents or guardians, otherwise, they will not be allowed on the Jumping trampoline; they should not rush to the trampolining out of curiosity; pay special attention that they can not support the net with their hands, or are prone to sprains; please remind them no knees touch mat first when they are falling, which is easy to hurt the waist.
  2. Not wear jewelry, necklaces, earrings, and rings, etc. when training or exercising on a trampoline, because it is extremely easy to hurt yourself when falls into the net and loses balance. “Another taboo is that you can’t leave long nails. “Even if your nails look good, please don’t. Sometimes, because the body loses balance, the palm touches the net and it is easy to cause the nail to break and hurt. In addition, it is better not to wear glasses when the child is on a trampoline. The hair accessory of the little girl is also dangerous.
  3. Whether you are on a trampoline for fitness or professional training, please do not bring fragile items, containers, bats, sticks, sharp objects, and similar items into the trampoline.
  4. When you lose your balance, you should never use your hands to support the safety net. You would rather fall down. It’s better to hold your chest with your hands. In addition, you should be careful about the waist injury during practice. The most damage to the trampoline athletes is the waist and ankle. Because the impact force when falling is very large, the height of the bouncing bed can not be too high for the untrained person.
  5. Don’t push, pull, bump, Chase, and somersault in the trampoline.
  6. The people who are after drinking, or with hypertension or have injuries to the arms and legs are not allowed to jump on the trampolines.

The characteristics of the trampoline project determine its many requirements as trampoline gymnastics, especially the similar physical requirements of raising the head, raising the chest, and straightening the toes in the air. The trampoline is certainly good for the body shaping of the practitioner. If you follow strict requirements, you must look good on the trampoline. You will be very tall and upright, not be bent, and you will look special. The body on the trampoline requires that you first master various posture movements on the ground, such as standing, somersaulting and turning. Except trampoline can shape the body but also can form physical flexibility and body coordination. Trampoline is a skilled project. It requires flexibility to complete various movements in the air. Therefore, people who often play trampolines are with very good physical coordination.

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