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Children’s Favorite Outdoor Friend-Trampoline

Now with people’s living standards are getting higher and higher, China’s tourism industry is becoming more and more popular. In addition to solving basic food and clothing problems, going out and relaxing has become an essential part of the family. For families with children, parent-child travel is the first choice. Chinese families pay more attention […]

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Why do you need to take a trampoline training course?

1. Simple and fun, easy to learn, and suitable for students of any foundation. 2. The fitness trampoline training course with dynamic music can effectively relieve stress. 3. Make full use of the elasticity of the trampoline, which can reduce the pressure on the bones and joints during the training, reduce the risk of injury, […]

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The World’s Longest Trampoline “Runway” Make its Debut in Russia

According to reports, the world’s longest trampoline was unveiled at the 2012 Russian Landscape Design International Art Festival. This trampoline was designed by the Russian Salto Architects and Design Office. It is 170 feet long (about 51.8 meters), which is equivalent to the length of 13 double-decker buses. It is one of the many creative […]

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The Benefits of The Trampolines, Do you know?

Trampoline is a competitive sport. The athletes perform acrobatic skills by bouncing off a trampoline, and it is a type of gymnastics sport known as “Aerial Ballet”.   The aerobic trampoline has become a new type of fitness program in the past two years, which mainly uses the fitness trampoline environment of the whole terrain […]

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Trampoline Therapy for Autism

Among the autistic children who are with many sensory disorders, the most common disorders are balance, coordination, and vestibular sensation. And of the related therapeutic training methods, trampoline therapy is the most popular one. Many playgrounds have renounced beds, and the family mini-comforter or Simmons mattress serves the same purpose. Jumping helps vestibular sensory integration, […]

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Trampoline Fitness, Gym Drainage Tricks!

In movies and in real life, we can often see children jumping on the trampoline, but the trampoline is not just a tool for children to play. In the year of 2000, the trampoline has become an official event of the 27th Olympic Games, so the trampoline has its competitive sports attributes. The modern elastic […]

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Have You Ever Taken a Trampoline Course?

The trampoline can be said to be a good memory of our childhood. And in the past two or three years, the trampoline has also been transformed from children’s entertainment to a national fitness tool. Reduced fat, shaped, and interesting. Have you ever taken a trampoline course on the trend front? Do you know what […]

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