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Children’s Favorite Outdoor Friend-Trampoline

Now with people’s living standards are getting higher and higher, China’s tourism industry is becoming more and more popular. In addition to solving basic food and clothing problems, going out and relaxing has become an essential part of the family. For families with children, parent-child travel is the first choice. Chinese families pay more attention […]

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Ten Things You can’t Do after Strenuous Exercise

1. Don’t stop suddenly to rest In the past, every time in physical education class, if there was a running competition or training, the teacher would remind you not to sit down and rest after running, and to jog for a period of time before stopping. Do you have this experience? If you stop and […]

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Let’s Move at Home

Nowadays, people have thousands of reasons not to exercise: “After a day’s work, I’m so tired, I want to take a break”. . . “It is too hot to have the courage to go out for a run”. . . “The gym is too far away, it takes an hour to go back and forth”. […]

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What sports are suitable for children?

As we all know, sports are very beneficial to the health of both adults and children. And now the children’s sports time is far less than before. Playing games and watching TV, screen time dominates children’s after-school life. The previous carefree outdoor activities, climbing, swimming, etc. no longer exist, even the school physical education can […]

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How to Carry Out Daily Maintenance of Trampoline

If you own an outdoor trampoline in your backyard, daily maintenance is very important. Just like a car, if it is not properly maintained, it can scrape faster than expected, and so is a trampoline. If your trampoline is placed outdoors without any covering or any protection, your trampoline will not last too long. In […]

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What we can learn from the pandemic Covid-19?

The year 2020 is really a weird year, just entering the New Year, a new coronary pneumonia outbreak broke out in Wuhan, China. Until March, it began to spread to other countries in the world, became a pandemic. The severity of the epidemic in Wuhan made China take timely remedial measures, and other cities took […]

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Why do you need to take a trampoline training course?

1. Simple and fun, easy to learn, and suitable for students of any foundation. 2. The fitness trampoline training course with dynamic music can effectively relieve stress. 3. Make full use of the elasticity of the trampoline, which can reduce the pressure on the bones and joints during the training, reduce the risk of injury, […]

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