February 16, 2020

What trampoline games your children are playing?

What trampoline games your children are playing?

The trampoline has become a necessary sport and entertainment equipment for many families, and trampolines are even more common and popular if you have a child. But if your children are only jumping or bouncing on a trampoline, your trampoline is not playing its good role. And your children will be bored with the kid’s trampoline soon. Maybe your trampoline is just a shelving decoration now.

So what trampoline games have you played with your children at home? Maybe you can get some inspiration from here to make your trampoline be more useful.

1.Long jump

If your trampoline is big enough, you can have a long jump game with your child on the trampoline. It is limited to jump on the ground. Generally, children don’t jump far enough and have no sense of accomplishment. But there are more possibilities on the trampoline. Let your children enjoy themselves, they could have fun while having a sense of accomplishment. It could greatly enhance the child’s jumping ability, and also enhance the child’s self-confidence!

2.Blowing bubbles

If the trampoline is big enough, enter the trampoline enclosure with your kid. You blow bubbles in different directions, then your kid will jump up to pop them.

3.Stone, scissors, cloth

Just two or three children or a family can do it. Everyone jumped on the trampoline and shouted 1,2,3 together. Then make your own actions. Scissors mean that one foot is in front and another is behind. The cloth is that the two feet need to separate. Stone is that the two feet are close together. Those who lose will be punished, and the winner will give an instruction to the loser to complete.

  1. Balloon

Tie up a balloon on each person’s foot, and then you need to pop others’ ballons. Of course, you have to protect your ballon to win the game! There are many other ways to play balloons! Imagine it yourself!

  1. Drumming Flowers

This is a classic game that we are familiar with. We can introduce this game to the trampoline. Of course, we need to make some improvements.

If there are more than four children are playing, it’s a perfect choice to play drumming flowers. The drummer needs to be blinded with a cloth on the eyes and began to beat the drum, but of course, he could count or whistle. Other children bouncing and passing flowers on the trampoline, of course, the flowers can be balloons or other things instead.

When the drummer stops, whoever took the flower has to perform a good show or follow the instructions to make a difficult movement.

6.Poison Ball

Using a ball as a poison ball, several people bouncing around or walking around on the trampoline, but they can’t let the ball touch themselves. The friend who touches the ball needs to leave the trampoline. The last one to win! Gaming enhances the fun of your trampoline and keeps children interested in sports.

  1. Popcorn

One of the children holds his legs with his hands to be as a ball in the middle of the trampoline. The other children hand in hand to form a circle and jump. Once the middle kid stretches his hands or legs to indicate that popcorn popping.

8.Pig in the middle

This game is perfect for a family of three. The kid plays as a pig in the trampoline, and mom and dad are on the sides of the trampoline. While the father passed the ball to the mother, the kid jumped up and stopped it. If the child caught the ball, then the child wins! Of course, the ball can also be replaced with a small sandbag or something suitable.

9.Bird’s Nest

This little game is suitable for three or more children.
1) Designate one of the children as a bird and the others as runners. Prepare some balls of different colors. Birds need to hide these balls in different places in the yard.
2) Assign a color to each runner. The bird started bouncing in the nest and said ” Go”, then the game started. Each runner started to look for the balls. They have to find the ball of his own color and threw it into the “bird’s nest”(the trampoline).
3) When the bird stops bouncing, it shouts “to the nest”. The runners have to run back to the “bird’s nest”.
4) The runner who owned the most balls wins and will be the next bird.

There are many small games in our daily life that can be introduced into the trampoline to complete the fun of the trampoline so that children could do more sports and be more fun in life.

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