June 15, 2020

Why do you need to take a trampoline training course?

1. Simple and fun, easy to learn, and suitable for students of any foundation.

2. The fitness trampoline training course with dynamic music can effectively relieve stress.

3. Make full use of the elasticity of the trampoline, which can reduce the pressure on the bones and joints during the training, reduce the risk of injury, and protect the spine. Studies have shown that trampolines reduce impact by 87% compared to direct contact to the ground.

4. Effectively prevent and treat osteoporosis. After high-intensity stress (exercise), human skeletal cells store minerals to strengthen bone quality.

5. The intermittent low-practice method of trampoline training can improve cardiopulmonary ability and achieve the best aerobic exercise effect.

6. Effective weight-loss, compared to jogging, ten minutes of trampoline exercise is equivalent to about half an hour of jogging consumption, which reduces fat content faster and improves body shape effect, especially for hips, legs, and waist.

7. Promote the circulation of blood and lymphatic system. The muscle contraction around the lymph can promote the function of the lymphatic system, and make the body healthier. Improve the oxygen circulation ability of blood to make the body younger. It can also balance blood pressure, and reduce the incidence of cancer. It also plays a role in preventing stones and lowering cholesterol.

8. Improve dynamic balance and proprioception (mechanoreceptors, muscle spindles, Golgi tendon organs). Prevent joints and muscle damage in daily life, the central nervous system receives information from receptors in various parts. Trainers who often do trampoline training can improve the ability to perceive space, depth, speed, posture, and amplitude.

9. More entertaining, rhythmic trampoline activities make people more persistent and happy.

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