September 2, 2020

What sports are suitable for children?

As we all know, sports are very beneficial to the health of both adults and children. And now the children’s sports time is far less than before. Playing games and watching TV, screen time dominates children’s after-school life. The previous carefree outdoor activities, climbing, swimming, etc. no longer exist, even the school physical education can not cause the children’s interest.

Studies have shown that children who exercise regularly are more lively and cheerful, smarter, and more competitive and optimistic than children who do not like exercise. Therefore, parents must pay attention to children’s insistence on sports.

There are many recreational activities, and also many sports suitable for children. Parents can choose suitable sports for their children according to their children’s interests and physique.

3 to 6 years old children are in a sensitive period of balance and flexibility development. During this period, it can process balance, coordination, and flexibility training.

Sports suitable for children aged 3-6 are:

1. Dancing: Dance is beneficial to body flexibility, posture, coordination, and even the cultivation of the whole person’s temperament. However, it’s better to start dancing at the age of 5 years and above. Too young children’s bones are not fully developed and may even cause permanent damage.

2. Trampolining: It is the children’s nature to love jumping. Sports psychology research believes that the trampoline exercise is very consistent with the psychological characteristics of children’s entertainment and sports. Persistent exercise will make the child’s leg muscles, cerebellum balance nervous system, and the cerebral nervous system more developed, and can achieve the purpose of growing taller.

3. Long jump, rope skipping, climbing, shuttlecock kicking, batting the ball, kicking the ball: These simple and common sports are easy and are sports that children need to perform frequently. They can melt simple games to increase children’s Sports interest.

7-12 years old children should do aerobic exercises such as swimming and running, plus some simple countermeasures, such as taekwondo, fencing, etc., and can also do some small weight-bearing strength training, such as sit-ups, dumbbells, etc. .

If possible, you can try some equipment exercises, such as roller-skating, or participate in group sports, such as playing table tennis and badminton.

13~17 years old, boys can do some strength, speed, confrontational, explosive sports, such as taekwondo, fencing, sprinting, football, basketball, volleyball; girls can do yoga, long-distance running, cycling, skiing, and other aerobic sports.

Whether boys or girls, certain strength training is required at this stage to promote muscle volume and strength growth.

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