July 14, 2020

What we can learn from the pandemic Covid-19?

The year 2020 is really a weird year, just entering the New Year, a new coronary pneumonia outbreak broke out in Wuhan, China. Until March, it began to spread to other countries in the world, became a pandemic. The severity of the epidemic in Wuhan made China take timely remedial measures, and other cities took corresponding preventive and control measures to quickly control the epidemic. Medical staff works hard on the front line, and ordinary people are required to stay at home to contribute to the country. However, one or two months of the block down and quarantine make people staying at home really boring. What we can learn from the pandemic Covid-19?

1. Although China’s economy is growing, its national physique is the opposite.

Nowadays, people’s lives are usually for work and lie on the sofa to watch TV after returning home. On weekends and holidays, there may be a short-term trip, and it seems that there is no time for exercise or sports.

Over the past 10 years, Chinese human body quality has continued to decline, and the obesity rate among adolescents has soared by nearly 50%. Chinese teenagers are “high in stature but low in physique”, and the height advantage gradually loses to Japan. According to the latest data released by the World Bank, between 1990 and 2008, China’s average life expectancy increased by 5.1 years to the current 73.1 years, a growth rate lower than that of other countries such as Brazil, Egypt, and even Sudan. Far behind the world’s first Japanese (male 79.5 years old, female 86.4 years old). These data show that the physique of Chinese citizens has declined.

2. The new coronary pneumonia has a huge impact on the elderly, and young people with low immunity are not spared.

The epidemic has obviously caused a huge impact on the frail elderly. From the perspective of the death of Wuhan New Coronary Pneumonia, the mortality rate is very high for people over 60 years old, and many young people have not been spared. The overall national constitution needs to be strengthened urgently.

3. The state concentrates all efforts to rescue Wuhan. After the outbreak of the epidemic in China, it actively assisted other countries. China has made tremendous contributions to the world’s fight against the pandemic. And China actively develops vaccines, which will be a huge international impact.

The Chinese leaders have taken corrective measures and concentrated their efforts to rescue Wuhan, and the country has jointly resisted the epidemic and achieved great success. China’s economic strength and international influence continue to increase. Based on Wuhan’s experience, it actively assists other countries and makes great contributions to the world. And China invests plenty of human and material resources to research vaccines, and the progress is rapid.

From the above facts, we can see that China’s economy and international influence are constantly increasing. The country is growing, but the national constitution is in urgent need of improvement. The state must increase its intervention in sports, promote national sports, and enhance physical fitness. Only by having a healthy physique can you enjoy life.

During the epidemic period, people were quarantined at home. In addition to cooking, watching TV, they must accompany their children for proper exercise. In addition to treadmills, family trampolines have become the first choice for family sports. The trampoline movement is simple, no need skills and foundation. And the trampoline is very entertaining, no matter whether it is an adult or a child, she cannot resist her charm! Have you prepared a trampoline for your children?

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