January 9, 2020

Why are trampolining loved by children?

Why children love trampolines?

First, trampolining exercise meets the psychological needs of children.
For the elderly without children and the only children without siblings, they are bored, empty, and lonely … In order to get rid of the mental state, they yearn for crowded places, long for group activities, and wanna play with multiple people.
The appearance of the square dance helped the old people get rid of this loneliness, and let them find a sense of warmth and belonging in this increasingly indifferent society. The super trampoline has the same magic as a square dance. In the super trampoline, children can not only find their peers of the same age but also they can jump together with their friends, sweat together and laugh together …Let their lonely soul find the destination. And it is a great satisfaction To their psychological needs.

Second, a wonderful venue for parent-child activities
Most of the amusement equipment is designed based on the physical characteristics of children. They are only suitable for children in terms of height and load-bearing, which determines that children cannot have fun with their parents. For parents, the long waiting process is boring, and the inability to take care of children up close makes them panic; for children, it is also a shame that no parents share their happiness. Super big trampoline solves these problems well.
The super trampoline uses high-strength electroplated springs and imported PP stretch fabrics with super bearing capacity. It may accommodate adults and children to play at the same time. Good parent-child activities.

Third, the unique charm of the trampoline itself
Jumping and bouncing is the nature of children. Children are inherently resistant to trampolines. Being able to play trampoline has made them all excited, and it is still playing with so many people! If there is a trampoline in the backyard of the home, it will definitely attract many children. Then the child does not have to worry about making friends! It will also bring more friends to the child, thereby increasing the child’s self-confidence and happiness. At the same time, it is very good to pull children out of the electronic world and to socialize and exercise more. That’s why children love trampolines.

In addition, the trampoline is not only fun, but it also helps children to grow older, helps children exercise the muscles of the legs, waist, and back, and strengthens children’s physique. Therefore, playing a trampoline is also highly respected and recognized by parents!

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