January 31, 2020

Why do people like fitness trampolines?

Why do people like fitness trampolines?

Trampoline Benefits: Trampoline is an aerobic exercise. If you could correct make use of the elastic characteristics of this exercise, then you can improve cardiopulmonary function. And also it could enhance your sense of dynamic balance and space feeling. Promotes body fluid circulation, and improve immunity. Because of direct contact with the ground impact reduced, trampoline exercises could reduce the pressure on bones and joints. Then effectively protect the spine. Due to the unstable of the trampoline, it could wake core muscle groups of the human body during their training. After high-intensity stress (exercise), skeletal cells store minerals in tissues to strengthen the bones’ quality. Other endurance sports can not compare.

The data shows that a trampoline class of 45-60 minutes can consume 500 calories (varies from person to person). If compared with jogging, a ten-minute trampoline exercise is equivalent to a consumption of about 30 minutes of jogging. It could reduce fat content more quickly, which has a good shaping effect on the hips, legs, waist, and abdomen.

Trampoline is also a fast-paced and efficient sport. Professional trampoline fat burning class applies music to create a relaxed atmosphere, which is more entertaining than traditional boring fitness. Faced with the pressure of life and work, maybe you feel overwhelmed. If you have a trampoline fat burning class after work, then it is a very good chance. You have to follow your coach’s movements and jump and shout a few times with the rhythm of the music. How delightful! Often participating in trampoline exercise can not only get the effect of fitness but also release work pressure during jumping and eliminate work fatigue.

The fitness trampolines need to pay attention to below. The trampoline is the core to drive the movement of the lower limbs. It is necessary to ensure that the leg muscles are always in a state of tension during the process. The thigh sheath can help you stabilize your lower limb strength and avoid muscle strain.

① Improve cardiovascular health

Studies of sedentary middle-aged women and trained athletes have shown a result. The regular 30-minute trampoline exercise can moderately and significantly improve cardiovascular health. However, these benefits are not significantly different from those of treadmill exercise or more traditional cardiovascular exercise.

② Increase leg strength

College students only bounce for 30 minutes twice a week, and their leg strength has improved significantly. Gymnastics coaches have reported similar results, and they often use trampolines in athletes’ training programs.

③ It is considered trampolining is easier than traditional aerobic exercise

A small but interesting study found a phenomenon. Although sedentary women’s heart rate increases with increasing bounce rate, their evaluation of exercise intensity have not increased. This suggests that bouncing may be easier and more enjoyable for non-exercising people than other forms of cardiovascular exercise.

In addition, the supporters of the fitness trampolines also listed reasons for improving balance, strengthening core strength, performing better in sports. It requires multi-directional exercise, enhancing coordination, lymphatic drainage, and weight loss. Reasons for the fitness program. Of course, the risks of the trampoline can not be ignored, such as sprains, tibial splints, fractures, and dislocations. If you know that the main reason for these operations is from the incorrect and proper use of trampolines, then you will be much relieved.

Common causes of trampoline injuries include mistakes when jumping or doing acrobatic landings, falling or jumping from a trampoline, landing on a trampoline spring or frame, and colliding with someone on a trampoline. It is important that you use the trampoline in a regular way to benefit from the trampoline rather than being harmed.

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